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Local History: NE Scotland

Local History: Aberdeen City & Neighbouring Counties

LA020Aberdeen & the North East at War. B Bale. £12.99610gms
LA280Aberdeen Almanac 1839. (CD) £10.0070gms
LA271Aberdeen Obituaries 1771-99. F McDonnell. £2.0080gms
LA273Aberdeen Obituaries 1823-39. F McDonnell. £2.0070gms
LA274Aberdeen Obituaries 1840-54. F McDonnell. £2.0070gms
LA030Aberdeen Street Names: their History, Meaning & Personal Associations. GM Fraser. Reprint of 1911 edition. PRICE REDUCED £5.00370gms
LA060Aberdeenshire & Royal Deeside: a celebration in pictures. J Henderson. PRICE REDUCED £12.50750gms
LA012Aberdeenshire 1837 Trade Directory. (CD) £9.0070gms
LA061Aberdeenshire Canal: Aberdeen Harbour - Port Elphinstone. L Wyness. Developed from a project by E Burt £12.00300gms
LA355Aberlour: pre-1855 Death & Burial Records for the Parish. B Bishop. £5.0090gms
LA040Adventures of Peter Williamson, The. F McDonnell. £3.0050gms
LA141Along the Coast - Burghead to Portknockie. S Bruce. £6.00120gms
LA142Along the Coast - Cullen to Pennan. S Bruce. £6.00130gms
LA143Along the Coast - Pennan to St Fergus. S Bruce. £5.00110gms
LA144Along the Coast - St Fergus to the Bridge of Don. S Bruce. £6.00130gms
LA046Alumni & Graduates in Arts of Aberdeen Colleges 1840-49. F McDonnell. £3.5080gms
LA045Alumni & Graduates in Arts of Aberdeen Colleges 1850-60. F McDonnell. £4.0080gms
LA310Banffshire People & Lands Pt 10: Parish of Inveravon prior to 1750. B Bishop. £6.00150gms
LA311Banffshire People & Lands Pt 11: Parish of Inveravon 1750-1850. B Bishop. £6.00170gms
LA312Banffshire People & Lands Pt 12: Parish of Mortlach prior to 1750. B Bishop. £6.00110gms
LA313Banffshire People & Lands Pt 13: Parish of Mortlach from 1750 to 1850. B Bishop. £6.00110gms
LA314Banffshire People & Lands Pt 14: Parish of Kirkmichael (Tomintoul) prior to 1850. B Bishop. £6.00130gms
LA315Banffshire People & Lands Pt 15: Parish of Grange prior to 1725. B Bishop. £6.00160gms
LA316Banffshire People & Lands Pt 16: Parish of Grange 1725-1850. B Bishop. £6.00160gms
LA301Banffshire People & Lands Pt 1: Parish of Keith prior to 1775. B Bishop. £6.00150gms
LA302Banffshire People & Lands Pt 2: Parish of Keith 1775-1850. B Bishop. £6.00160gms
LA303Banffshire People & Lands Pt 3: Parish of Boharm prior to 1750. B Bishop. £5.00110gms
LA304Banffshire People & Lands Pt 4: Parish of Boharm from 1750-1850. B Bishop. £5.00130gms
LA307Banffshire People & Lands Pt 7: Parish of Botriphnie prior to 1850. B Bishop. £5.00150gms
LA308Banffshire People & Lands Pt 8: Parish of Aberlour prior to 1775. B Bishop. £6.00130gms
LA309Banffshire People & Lands Pt 9: Parish of Aberlour from 1775 to 1859. B Bishop. £6.00110gms
LA352Boharm & Botriphnie: pre-1855 Death & Burial Records for the Parishes. B Bishop. Some Notes on History & People of Baronies, Estates & Lands of Banffshire prior to 1850 £5.0070gms
LA353Boharm: Marriage Proclamations from Kirk Session Minutes. B Bishop. £4.5060gms
LA044Celebration of Marischal College. L Wyness. History of the College. With a chapter on Heraldry by Gordon Casely £14.00250gms
LA284Celtic Heritage of the County of Banff. N Allan. £5.00120gms
LA357Cullen, Fordyce & Deskford: pre-1855 Death & Burial Records for the Parishes. B Bishop. £6.00160gms
LA035Duff House at War. A Burnett. £4.99250gms
LA053Dunnideer & Wardhouse: from Neolithic Times to Now. CR Harris. £4.0090gms
LA047Epidemic Diseases in Aberdeen & the History of the City Hospital. I Porter; M Williams. PRICE REDUCED £13.00510gms
LA067Fisherfolk to Torryfolk. CA Milne. Glimpse at lives of ancestors from the fishing villages of Kincardineshire, especially the Blair family £9.95370gms
LA080From Lairds to Loons: Country & Burgh life in Aberdeen 1600-1800. D Stevenson. £5.99180gms
LA358Grange: pre-1855 Death & Burial Records for the Parish. B Bishop. £5.0090gms
LA014Guide to Mysterious Aberdeen. G Holder. PRICE REDUCED £12.50460gms
LA015Guide to Mysterious Aberdeenshire. G Holder. PRICE REDUCED £12.50460gms
LA100Harvest: 150 years of Bucksburn Church (formerly Newhills Free Church). M Henderson. £3.00110gms
LA082Haunted Aberdeen & District. G Holder. PRICE REDUCED £8.00260gms
LA081Haunted North: paranormal tales from Aberdeen & North East. G Milne. PRICE REDUCED £7.50270gms
LA013Hidden Aberdeen: History on your Doorstep & under your Feet. F-J Brown. £9.99440gms
LA051In & Around Aberdeen: 25 Walks. R Smith. PRICE REDUCED £8.00260gms
LA351Keith: pre-1855 Death & Burial Records for the Parish. B Bishop. £6.00150gms
LA116Loch Kinnord: its History & Antiquities. JG Michie. Revised & expanded edition of 1910. PRICE REDUCED £10.50550gms
LA115Lochnagar. Alex. I McConnachie. Reprint of 1891 edition. PRICE REDUCED £10.50450gms
LA086Lost Banff & Buchan. D MacCannell. £14.99560gms
LA085Lost City: Old Aberdeen. J Stevenson; P Davidson. £25.001200gms
LA076Memories of the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital 1929-2003. PRICE REDUCED £3.50150gms
LA151Moray 40 Coastal & Country Walks. Includes Nairn & North Aberdeenshire. PRICE REDUCED £6.00127gms
LA356Mortlach & Inveravon: Surviving pre-1838 Death & Burial Records for the Parishes; Mortlach: Marriage Contracts 1624-1730 for the Parish. B Bishop. £5.00100gms
LA052North East & Scottish Wars of Independence. N Cooney. £3.50110gms
LA016North East Lowlands of Scotland. JR Allan. PRICE REDUCED £15.00600gms
LA120Old Aberdeen: Bishops, Burghers & Buildings. J Smith. PRICE REDUCED £6.00240gms
LA011Pictorial Guide to Aberdeen. Reprint of 1909 Guide. Well illustrated with map, adverts, etc. £3.00110gms
LA354Rathven: pre-1855 Death & Burial Records for the Parish. B Bishop. Some Notes on History & People of Baronies, Estates & Lands of Banffshire prior to 1850 £6.0085gms
LA170Register of Merchants & Trade Burgesses of Aberdeen 1640-59. F McDonnell. £2.9970gms
LA180Register of Merchants & Trade Burgesses of Aberdeen 1660-79. F McDonnell. £2.9970gms
LA190Register of Merchants & Trade Burgesses of Aberdeen 1680-1700. F McDonnell. £3.0070gms
LA250Register of Testaments Aberdeen 1715-1734. F McDonnell. £2.5060gms
LA251Register of Testaments Aberdeen 1735-1759. F McDonnell. £4.0090gms
LA252Register of Testaments Aberdeen 1760-1800. F McDonnell. £4.5090gms
LA195Reminiscences of a Police Officer in the Granite City. A Clark. £4.00150gms
LA126Showers of Blessings: "From Tin Hut to Talisman" - the story of Aberdeen's first suburb (Ferryhill) & its churches. D Haggart. £9.95280gms
LA285Some Banffshire Names & Places. E Gabriel. 850+ names from Banff St Mary's MIs, 1500+ from Wills 1831-1920 (many with occupation & address), 141 from Macduff Roll of Honour, plus old etchings, pcs & maps (CD) £8.5070gms
LA017Tale of Two Burghs: the Archaeology of Old & New Aberdeen. DH Evans; JC Murray; JA Stones. £2.50260gms
LA068Torry: its History & its People. G Bathgate. £5.99210gms

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Local History: Moray and Nairn

LM15018th & 19th Century Burial Records for the Churchyards of Birnie, Moray. B Bishop. £4.5075gms
LM145Bellie: story of the Old Church & Churchyard. B Bishop. £5.00120gms
LM010Churches of Moray. A Howat; M Seton. £2.00260gms
LM119Closes of Elgin: study of Closes, Wynds, Lanes & Alleyways of Burgh of Elgin. B Bishop. £4.00110gms
LM020Discovering Speyside. F Thomson. Price reduced £5.00290gms
LM104Dundurcas & Rothes Parishes, Moray: pre-1855 Burial Records. B Bishop. £5.9980gms
LM108Dyke & Moy; & Edinkillie Parishes, Moray: transcription of surviving pre-1855 Death Records. B Bishop. £5.00110gms
LM044Elgin Academy 1801-2001: celebration of 200 years. Compiled by R Bennett. £9.00420gms
LM046Elgin from old photographs. J Main. £12.99380gms
LM040Elgin in Old Picture Postcards. M Seton. £9.95250gms
LM165Elgin through Time. J Main. £12.99340gms
LM163Elgin: Story of the High Street & Closes. M Byatt. £5.25350gms
LM090Fishertown of Nairn: Echoes of a Bygone Age. A Barron. £8.99280gms
LM161Great Moray Floods of 1829. TR Lauder. Reprint of 3rd edition (1873) PRICE REDUCED £12.50700gms
LM109Knockando Churchyard, Moray: 19th Century (1841-1879) interment records. B Bishop. £4.5070gms
LM159Knockando Miscellaneous Records: Mortcloth & other Death Records 1783-1845, Testimonials for Admission to List of Enrolled Poor 1775-1794, Distribution of Meal provided by Exchequer 1783 & Roll of Communicants of Free Church 1844. B Bishop. £4.5070gms
LM122Lands & People of Moray Pt 10: Village of Lhanbryde, Coxton & Cotts, Sheriffston & Darklands, Pittensair & Hatton, & Cranloch & Teindland prior to 1850. B Bishop. Former Parish of Langbride, now part of Parish of St Andrews-Lhanbryde £4.00110gms
LM124Lands & People of Moray Pt 11: Former Parish of Kinneddar comprising Lossiemouth, Branderburgh, Stotfield, Coulardhill, Kinneddar & Aikenhead prior to 1850 in the Parish of Drainie. B Bishop. £5.00140gms
LM125Lands & People of Moray Pt 12: Former Parish of Ogston, comprising Gordonstoun, Covesea, Ettles, Drainie, Salterhill, Ardivot, Ballormy & Muirton prior to 1850 - forming the western part of Parish of Drainie. B Bishop. £6.00150gms
LM126Lands & People of Moray Pt 13: Innes, Lochhill, Leuchars, Urquhart, Cotts, Speyslaw, Meft, Longhill, Maverstoun, Binns, Corskie & Threapland prior to 1850 in the Parish of Urquhart. B Bishop. £6.00140gms
LM127Lands & People of Moray Pt 14: Garmouth, Kingston, Lunan & Newtown prior to 1850 forming the northern part of the Parish of Speymouth. B Bishop. £6.00120gms
LM128Lands & People of Moray Pt 15: Stynie, Redhall, Boat of Bog, Mosstodloch, Cowfords, Balnacoul, Dipple, & Orbliston prior to 1850 forming the southern part of the Parish of Speymouth. B Bishop. £5.00110gms
LM129Lands & People of Moray Pt 16: Fochabers, Boat of Bog & Gordon Castle prior to 1650 forming major centre of population in Parish of Bellie. B Bishop. £6.00110gms
LM130Lands & People of Moray Pt 17: Spey Bay, Bellie Churchyard, Bogmoor, Dallachy, Auchenreath, Auchenhalrig, Tynet, Braes of Enzie & the other small settlements prior to 1850 forming rural parts of Parish of Bellie. B Bishop. £6.00120gms
LM131Lands & People of Moray Pt 18: Kirktoun of Duffus, New Duffus, Duffus Castle, Keam, Begrow, Unthank & Inchkeil prior to 1850 forming south & east of Parish of Duffus. B Bishop. £6.00120gms
LM132Lands & People of Moray Pt 19: Roseisle, Burghead, Cummingston & Hopeman prior to 1850 forming north & west of Parish of Duffus. B Bishop. £6.00110gms
LM111Lands & People of Moray Pt 1: Inverlochty; Mosstowie; Pittendreich; Manbeen; Auchtertyre; Miltonduff & Pluscarden prior to 1850. B Bishop. £5.00110gms
LM133Lands & People of Moray Pt 20: Kirktoun of Alves, Easter Alves, Crook, Ardgye, Newton, Monaughty, Cloves, Asleisk, & Kilbuyack. B Bishop. £5.00115gms
LM134Lands & People of Moray Pt 21: Wester Alves, Earnside, Gateside, Coltfield, Hempriggs, Windyhills & Milton Brodie prior to 1850 forming north & west of Parish of Alves. B Bishop. £5.00105gms
LM135Lands & People of Moray Pt 22: Kinloss, Findhorn, Muirton, West Grange, East Grange, Struthers, Blackstob & Hatton prior to 1850 forming Parish of Kinloss. B Bishop. £6.00110gms
LM136Lands & People of Moray Pt 23: Kirk of Birnie, Dykeside, Stankhouse, Hillhead, Thomshill, Rashcrook, Easterton, Shougle, Glenlatterach, Bardon & Blairnhall. B Bishop. £6.00120gms
LM137Lands & People of Moray Pt 24: Burgie, Lawrenceton, Tarras, Blervie, Rafford, Granary, Marcassie, Altyre, Cluny, Tulloch & Briach prior to 1850 forming Parish of Rafford. B Bishop. £5.00125gms
LM138Lands & People of Moray Pt 25: Edinvale, Craigmill, Branchill, Dallas Village, Auchness, Craigroy, Kellas, Tomcork, Ballachraggan & many smaller settlements. B Bishop. £5.00140gms
LM139Lands & People of Moray Pt 26: Burgh & Parish of Forres from earliest times to c.1675. B Bishop. £5.00115gms
LM142Lands & People of Moray Pt 27: Burgh & Parish of Forres from 1675 to 1750. B Bishop. £5.00120gms
LM143Lands & People of Moray Pt 28: Burgh & Parish of Forres from 1750 to 1800. B Bishop. £5.00140gms
LM147Lands & People of Moray Pt 29: Burgh & Parish of Forres from 1800 to 1850 forming the Parish of Forres. B Bishop. £5.00140gms
LM112Lands & People of Moray Pt 2: Westfield; Quarrywood; Findrassie; Myreside; & Spynie prior to 1850. B Bishop. £5.00110gms
LM148Lands & People of Moray Pt 30: Parish of Dyke & Moy prior to 1750. B Bishop. £6.00120gms
LM149Lands & People of Moray Pt 31: Parish of Dyke & Moy 1750-1850. B Bishop. £6.00105gms
LM151Lands & People of Moray Pt 32: Parish of Dundurcas, later becoming Parishes of Rothes & Boharm. B Bishop. £6.00110gms
LM152Lands & People of Moray Pt 33: Parish of Rothes prior to annexation of Dundurcas in 1782. B Bishop. £6.00110gms
LM153Lands & People of Moray Pt 34: Parish of Rothes 1782-1850 following annexation of part of Dundurcas parish. B Bishop. £6.00125gms
LM154Lands & People of Moray Pt 35: Parish of Knockando including former Parish of Macallan or Elchies. B Bishop. £5.00130gms
LM156Lands & People of Moray Pt 36: Parish of Edinkillie. B Bishop. £5.00160gms
LM157Lands & People of Moray Pt 37: Parish of Cromdale, Advie & Inverallan prior to 1850. B Bishop. £6.00110gms
LM113Lands & People of Moray Pt 3: Aldroughty, Sheriffmill, Morriston, Borough Briggs & Bishopmill prior to 1850 in the Parish of Spynie. B Bishop. £5.00110gms
LM114Lands & People of Moray Pt 4: Blackhills, Thornhill, Clackmarras, Longmorn, Whitewreath (Fogwatt), Ashgrove, Maisondieu, New Elgin, Glassgreen, The Panns, Oldmills, Mayne, Bilbohall & the Aughteen Parts prior to 1850. B Bishop. Estates in Parish of Elgin east of River Lossie £4.00140gms
LM115Lands & People of Moray Pt 5: Burgh of Elgin prior to 1600. B Bishop. £4.00110gms
LM116Lands & People of Moray Pt 6: Burgh of Elgin-in 17th Century. B Bishop. £5.00130gms
LM117Lands & People of Moray Pt 7: Burgh of Elgin-in 18th Century. B Bishop. £6.00120gms
LM118Lands & People of Moray Pt 8: Burgh of Elgin-first half of 19th Century. B Bishop. £6.00120gms
LM121Lands & People of Moray Pt 9: St Andrews Kirktoun & Kirkhill, Linkwood, Newmill, Pitgaveny, Inchbroom, Barmuckity, Calcots & Foresterseat prior to 1850. B Bishop. In former parish of St Andrews, now part of Parish of St Andrews-Lhanbryde. £6.00130gms
LM021Lost Badenoch & Strathspey. B Bishop. £14.99610gms
LM015Lost Moray & Nairn. B Bishop. £16.99750gms
LM205Memories are made of this: loving recollections of Fochabers. Fochabers Heritage Group. £5.00220gms
LM080Moray Firth Ships & Trade during the 19th Century. I Hustwick. PRICE REDUCED £10.00410gms
LM110Moray Miscellany: essays on Local History. B Bishop. £4.50110gms
LM123Mortcloth Dues & Miscellaneous Death Records: Parish of Spynie 1732-1749 & 1755-1760; Parish of Drainie 1712-1832; Parish of St Andrews-Lhanbryde 1632-1837; Parish of Urquhart 1823-1845. B Bishop. £4.5070gms
LM088Nairn - then & now. A Barron. Collection of photographs old & new £9.99210gms
LM092Nairn Cemetery, Nairn, Highland (Victorian Section): a Survey of its Memorials. S Farrell. £9.00320gms
LM085Nairn Faces & Places. DM Ellen. £9.95250gms
LM089Nairn Fishertown Walk.  £2.99110gms
LM099Nairn War Memorial 1914-1918. S Farrell. £12.00510gms
LM096Nairn War Memorial 1939-45. S Farrell. £10.00320gms
LM045Old Burghead, Cummingston & Hopeman. DG Lockhart. Collection of old photographs £9.00210gms
LM043Old Elgin. I Sinclair. Collection of old photographs £7.99160gms
LM067Old Lossiemouth. D Stewart. Collection of old photographs £9.00160gms
LM086Old Nairn. A Barron. Collection of old photographs £6.99160gms
LM087Old Nairn Vol 2. A Barron. Collection of old photographs £8.99210gms
LM202People's War: Moray Memories of World War II. Edited by P Taylor. PRICE REDUCED £10.50620gms
LM120Population listings for the Parish of Dallas, Moray: 1689 Claims for Recovery or Compensation; 1777 Heads of Households & Poor List; 1811 Census. B Bishop. £5.00120gms
LM141Population Listings for the Parish of Knockando, Moray: 1818 Distribution of Rice, 1832 Distribution to Poor, 1835 Names of Persons in Every Family in Parish (excl. Village of Archiestown), 1836 Distribution to Poor. B Bishop. £5.0080gms
LM098Pre-1855 Deaths as reported in Nairn Newspapers. S Farrell. £6.00190gms
LM201Salt Herring on Saturday: the Fishertown of Nairn last (19th) Century. MM Bochel. £8.99205gms
LM203Scottish Family: story of 8 generations. B Willsher. Russell & Merson families in 19th Century Moray. PRICE REDUCED £6.50310gms
LM102Strathspey. AI McConnochie. Reprint of 1902 edition £14.99530gms
LM204Stroll round Fochabers. Fochabers Heritage Group. £0.4030gms
LM164Victorian Elgin. M Byatt. £14.99510gms
LM140Witchcraft Trials in Elgin, Morayshire from Kirk Session, Presbytery & other sources 1560-1734. B Bishop. £3.0070gms
LM166Women of Moray. S Bennett et al. Tales of over 70 women from medieval to modern times. PRICE REDUCED £15.00700gms
LM055World War II in Moray 1939-1945. B Bartlam; I Keillar. PRICE REDUCED £10.50410gms

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Local History: People & North East Life

LP071"Bulb Factory": the Light of our Lives - the Story of Thorn Lighting Works, Buckie 1956-1987. J Crawford; R Stewart. PRICE REDUCED £11.00530gms
LP056Aberdeen Grammar School Records & Reminiscences (1906). From the Earliest Times by Many Writers; in Commemoration of the 13th Jubilee of the School 1256-1906 (CD) £9.9985gms
LP013Aberdeen men can't play football: an early history of football in Aberdeen 1881-1903. F Clyne. £12.99700gms
LP006Adam Family in the North East. DG Miller. Examples of Adam architecture £4.00110gms
LP113All Saints' Episcopal Church, Whiterashes, 1858-2008: a short history. K Chilles. PRICE REDUCED £2.5070gms
LP005Antrin Thochts on Aulden Days: Life in Huntly 80 years ago. W G McPherson. £3.50110gms
LP121Archibald Simpson Architect: his life & times 1790-1847. D Miller. £15.99810gms
LP039Back to the Sea: introduction to Peter Frederick Anson & his life on the east coast of Scotland. S Bruce; T Harris. £6.00110gms
LP010Bairn's War - 1939-1945. J Davidson. Memories of Peterhead in World War 2. Includes index of civilian war casualties £8.00290gms
LP022Bennachie again. Edited by AWM Whiteley. £6.00510gms
LP014Bennachie Colony Project: Examining the Lives & Impact of the Bennachie Colonists. J Fagen. (Bennachie Landscape Series 1) £10.00400gms
LP021Book of Bennachie. Edited by AWM Whiteley. £6.00380gms
LP020Bothy Nichts & Days. D G Adams. £7.50190gms
LP025Buchan Claik: the Saat & the Glaar o't. Compendium of words & phrases from NE Scotland. P Buchan; D Toulmin. PRICE REDUCED £10.00450gms
LP027Bygone Meldrum II. Meldrum & Bourtie Heritage Society. Collection of old photographs & memories £5.00210gms
LP028Bygone Meldrum III. Meldrum & Bourtie Heritage Society. Collection of old photographs & memories £5.00210gms
LP029Bygone Meldrum IV. Meldrum & Bourtie Heritage Society. Collection of old photographs & memories £5.00200gms
LP031Bygone Meldrum V. Meldrum & Bourtie Heritage Society. Collection of old photographs & memories £5.00220gms
LP038Bygone Meldrum VI. Meldrum & Bourtie Heritage Society. Collection of old photographs & memories £5.00210gms
LP157Cairngorms & their Folk; Folklore & History from the Glens of Royal Deeside & Beyond. I Murray. PRICE REDUCED £16.00900gms
LP030Christian Watt Papers: life of a Broadsea Fisherwoman in 19th Century.  £7.99330gms
LP148Closer Look at "Tee-Names" & Trade Advertisements from Portgordon to Cullen. DL Fowler. £12.00580gms
LP040Cornkister Days: Portrait of a Land & its Rituals. DK Cameron. £8.99320gms
LP045Crannog to Castle: history of the Burnett Family in Scotland. Edited by E Bailey. PRICE REDUCED £13.001400gms
LP155Cults East Church: a history 1843-2005. CF Paterson; WS Scott. PRICE REDUCED £5.00330gms
LP159Dee from the far Cairngorms: Folklore & History from the Glens of Royal Deeside. I Murray. PRICE REDUCED £17.501050gms
LP075Dunbennan Kirkyard, Epitaphs of. PW Scott. The parish of Dunbennan was joined in 1727 with that of Kinnoir to form the parish of Huntly £4.50260gms
LP007Dunnottar Woods & House: their story - 1782-2008. GD Swapp. £5.00160gms
LP101Early Life & Times of a Glen Tanar Exile: memoirs of an Anglo-French Scot. FLP Fouin. PRICE REDUCED £9.99510gms
LP087Education through Recreation: a history of St Katherine's Club & Community Centre 1917-1985. LG Savijn. PRICE REDUCED £2.5090gms
LP202Fae Ploo t' Plate (From Plough to Plate). D Carney; R Lyall. 52 mins. Col. Aspects of a past way of life in NE Scotland. Commentary in Doric dialect. (DVD) £11.00110gms
LP035Famous Sons of Meldrum & Bourtie.  £1.0080gms
LP033Farmer's Boy. JR Allan. With unfinished sequel Brig o' Don Boy £8.99210gms
LP080Fermfolk & Fisherfolk: Rural life in North of Scotland in 18th & 19th Centuries. J Smith; D Stevenson. £7.99180gms
LP100Fetternear: a brief history. Leslie family of Balquhain & Fetternear £3.5090gms
LP082First Cars: dawn of the motoring era in Aberdeenshire 1895-1905.  £2.5070gms
LP165Footsteps on the Stair: tales from Duff House. M Craig. £4.99240gms
LP081Forbes of Pitsligo - Guided by Grace.  £4.50130gms
LP094Four Brothers in the Gordon Highlanders. JW Mathieson. Story of the author's grandfather, James Mathieson (1873-1947) & his brothers. PRICE REDUCED £3.0090gms
LP072From Dee to Don & Beyond: Travels of a Family dispossessed in Inverey, near Braemar. D Downie. £5.0090gms
LP108Fyvie Castle: its Lairds & their Times. S Coburn. £10.00310gms
LP037George Burnett Landscape Designer: Improvements on Kemnay Estate during the 18th Century. DA Downie. £5.0080gms
LP105George Maclean: the story of a Keith man who helped establish Ghana. R Smith. £2.5090gms
LP126Glass Kirk, St Andrew's Church, Glass. EJ Lawson. PRICE REDUCED £4.00160gms
LP102Glen Tanar: Valley of Echoes & Hidden Treasures. FLP Fouin. £14.99750gms
LP109Glenbuchat Hall: the history of Glenbuchat's Community Hall. J Carter; K Cruickshank. £2.5070gms
LP098Gordon Highlander if ever I saw one. WR Young; J Duff. Bill Young - Gordon Highlander, POW Japan. PRICE REDUCED £3.50170gms
LP104Grampian Curiosities. R Smith. PRICE REDUCED £7.50420gms
LP131Grampian Lives: Eyewitness Accounts of growing up in the Townships of North-East Scotland. Vol 1: Early Century Lives & Memories 1900--1950. D Northcroft. £14.991055gms
LP088Grue & the Glory: Stories from the Upper Reaches of the Dee. S Sedgwick. (In Days of Yore. A Pathway to the Past) £3.9980gms
LP012Hairst tae min' on: Life & Times in an Aberdeenshire Village during the post-war Years. B McEwan. Alford area. £7.99340gms
LP046Holly & the Horn: Burnett of Leys Family & Branches. Edited by E Bailey. PRICE REDUCED £23.001600gms
LP203Horseman & his Clydesdales. D Carney. 52 mins. Col. Story of Clydesdale as a working, show & competing horse - early & mid 1900s. Commentary in Doric dialect. (DVD) £11.00110gms
LP171Hush Hush: Story of the Secret Wartime Gas Factory in Keith. R Smith. £3.5080gms
LP016In the Shadow of Lochnagar: History, Music & Folklore from a corner of Royal Deeside. I Murray. £19.95850gms
LP084Jacobites of 1715 - NE Scotland. F McDonnell. £2.0080gms
LP091John Fyfe (granite merchant) 1846-1996. PRICE REDUCED £5.00250gms
LP150Kemnay Parish & its People MIs Pt 1. DA Downie. £5.00130gms
LP151Kemnay Parish & its People MIs Pt 2. DA Downie. £5.00100gms
LP152Kemnay Parish & its People MIs Pt 3. DA Downie. £5.0090gms
LP079Kinminity - through the ages. H Cochran. History of a farm in Birse, Deeside.PRICE REDUCED £9.50290gms
LP076Kinnoir Kirkyard, Epitaphs of. PW Scott. The parish of Kinnoir was joined in 1727 with that of Dunbennan to form the parish of Huntly £3.50160gms
LP078Kintore - sources & resources: a genealogical guide. AT McCall. £5.00110gms
LP170Lairds of Arbuthnott. C Bing. PRICE REDUCED £8.00310gms
LP095Lairdship Lost: The Mowats of Balquholly 1309-1736. D Baptie. £14.99360gms
LP096Land of the Lost: Exploring the North-East's Vanished Townships. R Smith. PRICE REDUCED £13.00580gms
LP143Lonach Highlanders: anthology of Lonach Ways & Bygone Days. G McIntosh. £7.00260gms
LP123Madame Isabel Murray. N Mackenzie. £5.00150gms
LP112Mairs Tales. C Macintosh. Biographical stories of the lives of James Mair & family when they settled in Longside 1917 onwards. £8.99580gms
LP097Man of the Lower Deck. JW Mathieson. Story of the author's grandfather, George Wilkinson (1874-1938) £4.00130gms
LP060Memoirs of a Deskert Loon from the Hungry Thirties. GA Clarke. Deskert is the colloquial name for the parish of Deskford, by Cullen, Banffshire £4.50150gms
LP032Memories of a Loon fae Townhead Terrace Kintore. R Summers. £5.50120gms
LP172Memories of the Mills: celebrating 200 years of Textiles in Keith.  £8.00200gms
LP111Migvie. W McKay. Country life in 1920s. First volume of author's memories £5.00100gms
LP118Our Air-Raid Shelter at 16-18 Cranford Terrace: a World War II Diary (Aberdeen). G Adie; edited by A Simpson. £3.50115gms
LP018Out of the Farlands - Fresh Fields. J Duthie. Author born to Scottish immigrants in Boston, USA; family returns to Fraserburgh in 1930s £20.001200gms
LP162Pansies for Thoughts - glimpses of then & now. W Carnegie. PRICE REDUCED £5.00260gms
LP156Peterculter Cemetery (post 1956 extensions) MIs. E McHardy; W McHardy. £2.2590gms
LP103Portknockie Memories. W Slater. £4.95165gms
LP120Remarkable Ogstons, The. H Smith. £3.95160gms
LP092Road to Drumnafunner: a Journey through North East Scotland. R Smith. PRICE REDUCED £5.00380gms
LP044Routes to your North East Roots: Researching Family History in Aberdeen City & Shire .  £1.50120gms
LP077Ruthven Kirkyard, Epitaphs of. PW Scott. £2.50180gms
LP099Scouting in Banchory - the first 100 Years. MM Robson. PRICE REDUCED £10.00570gms
LP191Shared Lives: Alexander Stephen, Shipbuilder & James Templeton, Carpetmaker. M Borland. £15.00460gms
LP135Shore Porters' Society of Aberdeen 1498-1998. G Gordon. PRICE REDUCED £18.00650gms
LP107Snapshots in Time: Photograph Album of Life in NE Scotland in Victorian & Edwardian Eras.  £5.00160gms
LP132So Dauntless in War. Stories of the Home Front in Fochabers 1939-1945 £5.00350gms
LP134St Mary's Kirkyard, Banff MIs.  £5.00130gms
LP127St Mary's Kirkyard, Banff Vol 2 MIs. Descriptions of tombstones with index & map (not in previous volume of St Mary's MIs) £9.00250gms
LP133St Ninian's Church, Turriff 1795-1995. J McIntosh. PRICE REDUCED £2.0090gms
LP190Stewarts of Bourtreebush. G Bickley. £9.99320gms
LP036Taranty Ha': Interesting Characters associated with the Trades' & Trinity Hall. AA Thomson. £5.00180gms
LP142Textiles & Toil. R Duncan. £1.45120gms
LP141Then & Now: Customs & Superstitions of Upper Deeside. S Sedgwick. £3.99115gms
LP041Thomas Sutherland: a great Victorian.  £10.00320gms
LP146Tomnavoulin Glenlivet. Compiled by H Milne. Poems & memories by local writers £4.95170gms
LP167Variorum - A Gaither up. Stories of Deeside. S Sedgwick. (In Days of Yore. A Pathway to the Past) £3.9990gms
LP106Well Made & Sprightly: Charles Hacket of the '45. V McCallum. Australian orders please direct to Mrs V McCallum, 6 Parkwood St., Alfredton, Ballarat, VIC 3350, Australia £7.50360gms
LP147William Inkster 1859-1933: Orkney Seafarer to Aberdeen Firemaster - an extraordinary life. L Larnder. PRICE REDUCED £10.00420gms
LP085Willie Gavin, Crofter Man: Portrait of a Vanished Lifestyle. DK Cameron. £8.99410gms
LP136With Advantage & Pleasure: life & letters of a Scottish Doctor & his family 1806-1836. NJ Mills. FPRICE REDUCED. For full transcription of letters, see "Letters from Regency Scotland" by R Jennings & NJ Mills (AA510) £12.50370gms
LP052Work, Welfare & the price of Fish: Life in Aberdeen 1925-1955.  £10.005gms

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Local History: Towns & Villages

LT020Aberdeen & the Highland Church (1785-1900). IR MacDonald. PRICE REDUCED £10.00510gms
LT003Aberdeen 1800-2000 - a new history. Edited by WH Fraser; CH Lee. PRICE REDUCED £13.001750gms
LT101Aberdeen beyond the Granite. IR Mitchell. PRICE REDUCED £8.50300gms
LT152Aberdeen in the 70s: a Decade of Change. R Anderson. PRICE REDUCED £11.00480gms
LT065Aberdeen Memories: a Hidden Archive Uncovered. R Anderson. £12.99350gms
LT008Aberdeen: a celebration in pictures. J Henderson. PRICE REDUCED £8.50520gms
LT064Aberdeen: a heritage remembered - buildings loved, loathed or lost. DG Miller. £10.00190gms
LT025Aberdeenshire's Historic Kirkyards, Introduction to. Location map; church names; symbols. Double-sided coloured wall chart (folded).  £1.0060gms
LT148Albert Road, Ballater - the place of my birth. I Cameron. £9.99190gms
LT033Anither keek at Tarland's lang syne. Cromar History Group Newsletter. Reprint of issues 1994-2000 £8.50430gms
LT182Annals of Arbuthnott Pt 2.  £6.00230gms
LT214Another Journey through Time. A Mackie. £4.5070gms
LT030Aspects of Alford. K Needham-Hurst. Main families are Reid & Minto £3.50140gms
LT048Aye Turriff: Further photographs & information on history of Turriff & district through the years. W Simpson. £7.99230gms
LT156Banff through the Years: an illustrated History of the Royal Burgh Vol. 1 - up to 1699. S Bruce. £6.00160gms
LT063Banff through Time.  £14.99300gms
LT144Birse War Memorial at Corsedardar. Biographical details. £2.5060gms
LT141Birse, History in Vols 1-4. R Callander. First published in early 1980s as separate volumes £9.75560gms
LT060Book of Banff: Royal & Ancient Burgh. PRICE REDUCED £17.501100gms
LT067Bourtie Kirk 800 years. M Youngblood. £9.99260gms
LT012Braemar - as it was. D Lamont. £11.95340gms
LT070Brodiach to Bervie: a History of Skene & Westhill. J Fiddes. PRICE REDUCED £15.00900gms
LT019Buckie Loon remembers - the war years. W Smith. £6.50230gms
LT029Bygone Cairnbulg, Inverallochy & St Combs with Lonmay & Crimond. J Buchan. £9.00200gms
LT084Bygone Fraserburgh. J Buchan. Collection of old photographs £7.99170gms
LT085Bygone Peterhead. J Buchan. Collection of old photographs £7.99160gms
LT125Chronicle of Fintray - Ice Age to AD2000. R Kinghorn. £5.00240gms
LT108Curious Years: Life in Glenmuick, Tullich & Glengairn 1661-1991. S Sedgwick. £5.50230gms
LT111Days of Yore: Buckie & District in the Past. G Hutcheson. £4.80180gms
LT040Deer Abbey. MW Melville. £2.0040gms
LT120Deeside & the Mearns: an illustrated architectural guide. J Geddes. PRICE REDUCED £9.50340gms
LT109Departed Glories: the Story of Tullich. S Sedgwick. £3.0070gms
LT162Donside. AI McConnochie. New edition. First published in 1900. PRICE REDUCED £13.50610gms
LT036Echoes from Cromar's Past. Cromar History Group Newsletter. No 10 Dec. 2004. Articles & Photographs of the Cromar area (Coull, Tarland) £5.50210gms
LT037Echoes from Cromar's Past. Cromar History Group Newsletter. No 12 Dec. 2006. Articles & Photographs of the Cromar area (Coull, Tarland) £7.00240gms
LT032Echoes from Cromar's Past. Cromar History Group Newsletter. No 13 Nov. 2007. Articles & Photographs of the Cromar Area (Coull, Tarland) £8.00260gms
LT039Echoes from Cromar's Past. Cromar History Group Newsletter. No 14 Nov. 2008. Articles & Photographs of the Cromar area (Coull, Tarland) £7.00210gms
LT043Echoes from Cromar's Past. Cromar History Group Newsletter. No 15 Dec. 2009. Articles & Photographs of the Cromar area (Coull, Tarland) £6.00250gms
LT051Echoes from Cromar's Past. Cromar History Group Newsletter. No 18 Dec. 2012. Articles & photographs of the Cromar area (Coull, Tarland).  £9.00320gms
LT044Echoes from Cromar's Past. Cromar History Group's Newsletter No 16 Nov 2010 . Articles & Photographs of the Cromar area (Coull, Tarland) £7.00230gms
LT047Echoes from Cromar's Past. Cromar History Group's Newsletter. No 17 Dec. 2011. Articles & Photographs of the Cromar area (Coull, Tarland) £7.00210gms
LT074Ellon: a Photographic Journey. Ellon & District Historical Society. £14.99300gms
LT115Essence of the Cove. J Murray. £2.00110gms
LT102Fintray: 180 years of a rural North East school - the story & the memories. JM Byth. £17.00400gms
LT017Finzean the Fair Place - celebrating 400 years. A Farquharson. £8.00250gms
LT015Finzean, history of an Aberdeenshire Village. Reproduction of an 1965 account with notes on recent changes £5.00280gms
LT066Fittie 200: images of Fittie in 2008 to mark bicentenary of building of village. C Paterson. £8.00190gms
LT293Fraserburgh through the Years: illustrated history of the Broch. S Bruce. £12.00630gms
LT130From Brig o' Balgownie to the Bullers o' Buchan - a travel guide from the 1890s. J Dalgarno. Coast north of Aberdeen. PRICE REDUCED £4.50210gms
LT131From the Wilderness to Paradise: developments in Agriculture on the Kemnay Estate from mid 18th to mid 19th century. D Downie. £3.0080gms
LT046Garioch Bygones: a miscellany of memories of life as it was in Inverurie, Port Elphinstone & Kintore.  £10.00320gms
LT055Granite Mile: the Story of Aberdeen's Union Street. D Morgan. PRICE REDUCED £14.00950gms
LT054Granite: the story of the Granite Industry in Aberdeen. DG Miller. £10.00310gms
LT296Heritage Drives round Keith: 5 Parish Journeys.  £2.50120gms
LT222Heritage Tales - from Cullen, Deskford & Portknockie Heritage Group.  £5.00130gms
LT160Historic Insch. M Clemo. £3.00120gms
LT136Historic Kirkyards in Kincardine & Deeside.  £4.00130gms
LT140Hospitals of Peterhead & District. D Campbell; F Watson. £1.5090gms
LT089Huntly Parish Church: 1805-2005. PW Scott. £7.00170gms
LT163Huntly: Capital of Strathbogie. CA Barnes. £7.99370gms
LT009Images of Aberdeen. R Anderson. PRICE REDUCED £8.00610gms
LT169In Celebration of Inverurie.  £5.00360gms
LT161Jack Webster's Aberdeen. J Webster. PRICE REDUCED £10.001120gms
LT213Journey through Time: More Memories from Fetternear. A Mackie. £3.7570gms
LT050Kirk in Dinnet: whence came we? S Sedgwick. £3.0080gms
LT038Legends of the Braes o' Mar. J Grant. £10.00520gms
LT190Legion of the Lost: the story of Glen Muick, Royal Deeside. S Sedgwick. £9.99430gms
LT080Living Stones: the Past in the Present - the story of Upper Deeside's Past, its People & its Stones. S Sedgwick. £13.99650gms
LT096Lost Aberdeen: the Freedom Lands. D Morgan. PRICE REDUCED £15.00710gms
LT121Lost Deeside - with South Donside: the Old Province of Mar. D MacCanell. £14.99550gms
LT291Macduff through the Years. S Bruce. £6.00200gms
LT211Memories of Fetternear: Tales of Life in Central Aberdeenshire in 20th Century. A Mackie. Rev. ed. £4.5090gms
LT138Methlick Church, History of. AH Haddow. £5.00190gms
LT219Moray Coast from Cullen to Culbin through Time. J Main. £14.99340gms
LT334More from Turriff: further stories & poetry from the town of Turriff 1939-1999. W Simpson. £6.99260gms
LT221More Heritage Tales - from Cullen, Deskford & Portknockie Heritage Group.  £5.00140gms
LT052Newhills Parish Church: a history 1663-2013. B Diack; L Diack. £5.00140gms
LT068Old Aberchirder. B Peden. Collection of old photographs £7.99220gms
LT231Old Banchory. D Jamieson. Collection of old photographs £7.99160gms
LT235Old Buckie. I Sinclair. Collection of old photographs £6.99160gms
LT069Old Collieston & Slains. E Ingram. Collection of old photographs £9.00220gms
LT059Old Cruden Bay & Port Erroll, Whinnyfold, Boddam & Buchanhaven. J Buchan. Collection of old photographs £7.99210gms
LT239Old Cullen & Portsoy. A Cooper. Collection of old photographs £7.99160gms
LT057Old Ellon. L Birnie. Collection of old photographs £9.00160gms
LT251Old Gardenstown with Crovie & Pennan. K Beaton. £9.00210gms
LT061Old Grantown to Aviemore, Upper Strathspey. A Glen. Collection of old photographs £7.99170gms
LT233Old Huntly. A Cooper. Collection of old photographs £6.99160gms
LT250Old Insch. A Dean. Collection of old photographs £9.00210gms
LT241Old Inverurie & Kemnay. A Cooper. Collection of old photographs £10.00160gms
LT234Old Keith. A Cooper. Collection of old photographs £7.99160gms
LT240Old Lower Deeside. D Jamieson; WS Wilson. Collection of old photographs £9.00160gms
LT081Old Maud & New Deer. DM Donald. Collection of old photographs £10.00180gms
LT014Old Midmar & Cromar; including Torphins & Lumphanan. D Jamieson; WS Wilson. Coollection of old photographs £7.99210gms
LT026Old Mintlaw & Longside. DM Donald. Collection of old photograhs £7.99190gms
LT077Old Newburgh-on-Ythan. J Jones. Collection of old photographs £10.00200gms
LT056Old Newtonhill & Muchalls. BH Watt. Collection of old photographs £7.99160gms
LT243Old Oldmeldrum. P Myers. Collection of old photographs £7.99170gms
LT072Old Rhynie. J Kemp. Collection of old photographs £9.00200gms
LT082Old Rosehearty, Sandhaven & New Aberdour. DG Lockhart. £10.00210gms
LT076Old Rosemount. P Newman. Collection of old photographs £10.00200gms
LT238Old Royal Deeside. D Jamieson; WS Wilson. Collection of old photographs £7.99160gms
LT146Old Skene & Echt. WS Wilson. Collection of old photographs £7.99210gms
LT236Old Stonehaven. BH Watt. Collection of old photographs £9.00160gms
LT062Old Strichen, New Leeds & New Pitsligo. DM Donald. Collection of old photographs £9.00200gms
LT058Old Tomintoul with Strathavon, Glenlivet & the Lecht. A Geddes. Collection of old phototgraphs £7.99210gms
LT073Old Torry & Aberdeen Harbour. R Nicol; P Newman. Collection of old photographs £10.00200gms
LT237Old Turriff. A Cooper. Collection of old photographs £7.99160gms
LT247Old Udny, Tarves & Methlick. DM Donald. Collection of old photographs £7.99170gms
LT075Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, RC Church, Inverurie: 150th Anniversary 1852-2002. E Madill. £3.50190gms
LT245Parish of Birse, Account of. R Dinnie. Reprint of 1865 ed. £8.50410gms
LT244Parish of Drumoak. R Jackson. History of the parish £9.00460gms
LT255People & Places in New Machar - past & present. R Bridges. PRICE REDUCED £6.50480gms
LT265Picturesque Stonehaven: descriptive guide. J Reid. Reprint of 1899 ed. £4.50270gms
LT272Placenames in the Parish of Huntly. PW Scott. £5.50170gms
LT147Plant & Roots: a social history of Ballater...before the Beatles & Dr Beeching. I Cameron. £12.50510gms
LT139Portsoy Post Office, History of. J Slater. Price reduced £0.5070gms
LT282Recalling Glengairn. S Sedgwick. £2.5090gms
LT027River of Wondrous Delight: a Parish History of The Kingdom of Forgue. C Whatford. £5.00400gms
LT155Road to Maggieknockater: exploring Aberdeen & the North East through its placenames. R Smith. PRICE REDUCED £7.00580gms
LT229Royal & Ancient Banff. Illustrated architectural guide with town plan. £3.0070gms
LT011Scenery of the Dee: Images of Royal Deeside spanning 150 Years. J Henderson. Dee Valley from drawings of 1850's & black & white photographs taken 150 years later £12.99380gms
LT300Schooling in the Cove: a history of schools in this Kincardine fishing village. J Murray. £1.0080gms
LT143Souter's Shop: illus. booklet on the Souter (Shoemaker) at Ballogie in Birse Parish.  £2.5065gms
LT305St Fergus Past & Present. HM Burnie; SM Jessiman. PRICE REDUCED £8.50360gms
LT079St Kentigern's, the History of a Ballater Church.  £6.99260gms
LT165St Margaret's, Huntly: the story of a parish. A Dean. £6.00105gms
LT336St Ternan's Scottish Episcopal Church, Muchalls, Kincardineshire. Register of Baptisms, Burials & Marriages 1729-1881 with index to Register. . (CD) £15.00110gms
LT312Stonehaven of Old Vol 2. G Ritchie. £3.00120gms
LT420Story of Ballater. S Sedgwick. £3.99110gms
LT205Story of Strathbogie Church. E McDonald. £4.5080gms
LT164Strathbogie, History of. Revised edition. PW Scott. £9.00610gms
LT086Strathdon Notes: an anthology of Strathdon . V Cook. £7.00170gms
LT230Street names in the Village of Kemnay. D Downie. £3.75100gms
LT325Tales o' the Maisters: a history of Kemnay School. D Downie; D Morrison; A Muirhead. PRICE REDUCED £7.00320gms
LT326Tarland's Bygone Days.  £3.00120gms
LT093Tarves Gaitherins Vol 3. Memories & photographs £4.0090gms
LT049Turriff o'er the Centuries 500AD - 1913 AD.  £3.0065gms
LT328Turriff: pictorial record of the town through the 20th century incl. local poetry & historical items. W Simpson. £5.99260gms
LT295Victorian Scenes: a series of Glass Plate Photographs showing Scenes from Keith, Banffshire and Neighbouring Counties. W Robb. £5.00450gms
LT013Walk down Broad Street (Fraserburgh). DS Rennie. £5.99250gms
LT330Walks Roon Aboot Buchan.  £2.0070gms
LT331Wells of Bon-Accord. L Wyness. £4.99220gms
LT340Where & What is Kildrummy? H Smith. £3.00170gms
LT292Whitehills through the Years. S Bruce. Illustrated history; includes Boyndie, Boyne & Ladysbridge £6.00210gms
LT018Your father & I: a family's story in letters. I MacLean. Memories of Aberdeen in late 19th & early 20th Centuries. PRICE REDUCED £6.00250gms

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MIs by other groups and individuals

AQ004Aberlour Old Churchyard, New Cemetery & Parish Church MIs; St Margaret's Scottish Episcopal Church MIs & Burial Register; & Aberlour & area War Memorials.  £14.00400gms
AJ110Ardclach MIs.  £4.0080gms
AJ150Auldearn MIs. .  £7.00180gms
AQ005Bellie Churchyard & New Cemetery MIs. Parish of Bellie, Moray.  £14.99460gms
AQ010Boharm Churchyard MIs. Parish of Boharm, Banffshire.  £4.0070gms
AQ135Burnside Cemetery, Rathven MIs. Parish of Rathben, Moray.  £10.00300gms
AJ115Cawdor MIs.  £7.00179gms
AQ015Chapeltown & Tombae Churchyards MIs & Glenlivet (Tomnavoulin) War Memorial. Parish of Inveravon, Moray.  £4.5090gms
AQ020Cluny Hill Cemetery Forres MIs. Parish of Forres, Moray.  £20.00700gms
AQ025Dallas Churchyard MIs. Parish of Dallas, Moray. With Dallas & Kellas War Memorials £6.00140gms
AQ030Downan & Buiternach Burial Grounds with Ballindalloch War Memorial MIs (Parish of Inveravon); & Glenrinnes Burial Ground MIs (Parish of Mortlach). Both parishes in Banffshire.  £4.00110gms
AQ035Duffus New Cemetery, Extension & War Memorial MIs. Parish of Duffus, Moray.  £7.99160gms
AQ040Duffus St Peter's Churchyard MIs. Parish of Duffus, Moray. Includes buried tombstones £9.50200gms
LP075Dunbennan Kirkyard, Epitaphs of. PW Scott. The parish of Dunbennan was joined in 1727 with that of Kinnoir to form the parish of Huntly £4.50260gms
AQ045Dundurcas Churchyard MIs (Parish of Rothes formerly Dundurcas); Macallan Churchyard MIs (Parish of Knockando formerly Elchies); & Fochabers, Mosstodloch & MulbenWar Memorials .  £5.99140gms
AQ115Dyke Churchyard Extension & War Memorial MIs. Includes buried tombstones £7.50160gms
AQ050Elgin Cathedral MIs.  £20.00610gms
AQ130Elgin Cemetery (East) MIs.  £10.00280gms
AQ140Elgin Cemetery (South) MIs.  £12.00515gms
AQ055Elgin Cemetery (West) MIs; & New Elgin War Memorial.  £6.50160gms
AQ060Forgotten Tombstones of Moray Vol.1 Dipple & Essil, Parish of Speymouth; & Kirkhill, Parish of St Andrews-Lhanbryde.  £5.00130gms
AQ065Forgotten Tombstones of Moray Vol.2 Old Drainie Church situated on RAF Lossiemouth, Parish of Drainie.  £6.00160gms
AQ070Forgotten Tombstones of Moray Vol.3 Bellie Old Churchyard, Parish of Bellie; Kinneddar Churchyard, Parish of Drainie; & Burghead Old Churchyard, Parish of Duffus.  £6.00105gms
AQ075Forgotten Tombstones of Moray Vol.4 Lhanbryde Old Churchyard, Parish of St Andrews-Lhanbryde; Urquhart Churchyard, Parish of Urquhart; & Spynie Old Churchyard, Parish of New Spynie.  £6.00105gms
AQ080Forgotten Tombstones of Moray Vol.5 Alves Old Churchyard, Parish of Alves.  £5.00140gms
AQ085Forgotten Tombstones of Moray Vol.6 Birnie Churchyard, Parish of Birnie.  £6.00120gms
LP150Kemnay Parish & its People MIs Pt 1. DA Downie. £5.00130gms
LP151Kemnay Parish & its People MIs Pt 2. DA Downie. £5.00100gms
LP152Kemnay Parish & its People MIs Pt 3. DA Downie. £5.0090gms
NS164Kincardine (The Mearns) MIs.  £16.00430gms
AQ090Kinloss Abbey MIs.  £10.00220gms
LP076Kinnoir Kirkyard, Epitaphs of. PW Scott. The parish of Kinnoir was joined in 1727 with that of Dunbennan to form the parish of Huntly £3.50160gms
AQ125Kirkmichael, Tomintoul Parish & St Michael's Churches & Churchyards; Tomintoul Public Cemetery & War Memorials MIs. Parish of Kirkmichael, Moray. Includes buried tombstones.  £11.00300gms
AQ120Knockando Churchyard, Extension, War Memorials & Archieston War Memorial. Parish of Knockando, Moray.  £7.50180gms
AQ095Lossiemouth Cemetery MIs & other local memorials.  £15.00380gms
LP156Peterculter Cemetery (post 1956 extensions) MIs. E McHardy; W McHardy. £2.2590gms
AP110Peterhead Cemetery Constitution Street. MIs. (CD) £15.00110gms
AQ100Rafford Churchyard & New Cemetery MIs. Including buried tombstones £5.99115gms
AQ145Rathven Churchyard MIs. Parish of Rathven, Moray.  £10.00300gms
AQ105Rothes Churchyard & Cemetery MIs & other local memorials. Includes buried tombstones £10.00240gms
LP077Ruthven Kirkyard, Epitaphs of. PW Scott. £2.50180gms
NS170Speyside MIs.  £12.00250gms
LP134St Mary's Kirkyard, Banff MIs.  £5.00130gms
LP127St Mary's Kirkyard, Banff Vol 2 MIs. Descriptions of tombstones with index & map (not in previous volume of St Mary's MIs) £9.00250gms
AQ110St Ninian's Churchyard (Chapelford) & St Peter's Church, Buckie, St Gregory's, Preshome MIs.  £5.00120gms
AP120St Peters Old Churchyard Peterhead MIs. (CD) £12.0090gms
NS101Theater of Mortality: Funeral Inscriptions over Scotland. Based on 2nd Collection of MIs by Robert Montieth (publ 1713) Contains some details for Aberdeen, Elgin, Nairn, Spynie & Urquhart £4.00105gms
NS190Upper Deeside MIs.  £6.00190gms
NS200Upper Donside MIs.  £6.50180gms

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