Packing up the contents of the Research Centre is ongoing and we are afraid that free space is disappearing as the crates get filled.  The last items to get packed will be the OPR films for this area of Scotland as they are the most consulted here.  The census are being packed as are various other films we have and would advise you to contact us if you are intending looking at anything in this line.

Computers will be available until we close on Thursday 18th October and the Library is mainly operating as usual.  Volunteers will still be here to help you until we close.

It is amazing how dusty and grimy things can be!

The August 2018 edition of the Society Journal is now available online.  Postal distribution will begin shortly. Please login to your membership account to access this Journal.  If you haven't registered your account yet, click on the Register link in the top right corner.

Our research centre will be closed 19th Oct - 4th Nov for refurbishment.

Now available, Anne Park's database of soldiers from the North-East, who died in WW1.

Did your ancestor die as a result of the First World War?
Anne Park has built an extensive database with details of over 20,000 soldiers and other personnel serving in North-East Scotland regiments/units, who died in service during the First World War.

The information available may include burial location, war memorial as well as family details.

The database is available here (members only).