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In the Good Old Days BC (Before Covid!), the Society held a public meeting each month with talks on various topics, at which Jean Shirer and her band of helpers would organise a bookstall. As well as taking along publications of general interest, Jean tried to select books of specific relevance to that month’s topic. Now that we have meetings online, it was suggested that we should offer a few publications at sale prices on the website.

Bert Lawrie’s talk on 14th November 2020 on the Broad Street Project calls to mind these publications which may interest members whose ancestors came from Aberdeen city:


Jack Webster's Aberdeen


Jack Webster’s Aberdeen:

This beautiful book by a local journalist offers a fresh look at the city’s story.

From Robert the Bruce and Mary, Queen of Scots to Annie Lennox and Donald Trump, Jack introduces a whole host of characters who have left their mark on Aberdeen.

Price: £10 

Code: LT161  Weight: 1120g




Roll of Inhabitants of Aberdeen



The Roll of the Inhabitants of Aberdeen 1795 (E. Mortimer):

List, drawn up in July 1795, of citizens entitled to elect commissioners of police.

Price: £3·75 

Code: AA580  Weight: 140g





Lost Aberdeen


Lost Aberdeen – The Freedom Lands:

The third part of Diane Morgan’s trilogy, dealing with the west side of the city. She covers land improvement, great mansions and a bevy of Scottish Enlightenment characters.

Price: £14 

Code: LT096  Weight: 710g





Textiles and Toil

Textiles and Toil (R. Duncan):

This little book describes Aberdeen’s factory system and industrial working class in the 19th century.

Price: £1·45

Code: LP142  Weight: 120g




Taranty Ha'


Taranty Ha’ (A. A. Thomson):

Since 1633, Trinity Hall has been the home of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen. This book contains a list of notable characters and events associated with the guilds.

Price: £5 

Code: LP036   Weight: 180g







Aberdeen Beyond the Granite (Ian R. Mitchell):

This is an account of Aberdeen from the textiles, shipbuilding and fishing industries of the 19th and 20th centuries to more recent times, with personal reminiscences and suggestions for walks of historical and social interest.

Price: £8·50 

Code: LT101  Weight: 300g





Aberdeen Street Names


Aberdeen Street Names (G. M. Fraser):

This fascinating book gives the history and meanings of many of the older streets in Aberdeen.

Price: £5 

Code: LA030  Weight: 370g






Free St. Clement's


Free St Clement’s Aberdeen 1843–59 (Rosemary Baxter):

although this book covers a relatively short period of the history of this church, it provides a wealth of detail about the congregation, ministers and elders.

Price: £2·25 

Code: AA420  Weight: 130g





Aberdeen in Pictures


Aberdeen: A Celebration in Pictures:

This would make an ideal Christmas present for the exiled Aberdonian! The title says it all.

Price: £8·50

Code: LT008  Weight: 520g






Pictorial Guide to Aberdeen


Pictorial Guide to Aberdeen:

This fascinating little book, from 1909, contains everything a visitor to Aberdeen could possibly want, from adverts for high-quality shops and grand hotels to places of local interest.

Price: £3 

Code: LA011  Weight: 110g




There are also pictorial celebrations of various places of interest – beautiful photographs of our city in times past:

Bygone Bridge of Don

Bygone Bridge of Don

Price: £10·95

Code: LT018  Weight: 210g




Old Rosemount

Old Rosemount

Price: £10

Code: LT076  Weight: 200g




Aberdeen Remembered

Aberdeen Remembered


Price: £7.99

Code: LT007  Weight:170g




Old Torry and Aberdeen Harbour

Old Torry and Aberdeen Harbour

Price: £10

Code: LT073  Weight: 200g





And finally, if your ancestors lived or worked in the city centre, the Old Ordnance Survey map of Aberdeen in 1900 shows you exactly where!




Old Ordnance Survey map


Price: £3

Code: MO205  Weight: 40g








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