Aberdeen Female Teachers pre-1872:

a biographical list


by Alison T. McCall 


aa556The Education (Scotland) Act 1872 brought Aberdeen’s school under the control of the School Board.  Prior to 1872, Aberdeen had a variety of church, charity and private schools. This book lists over four hundred of the women who taught in Aberdeen prior to 1872. Biographical details range from a single sentence to lengthy entries and show the variety of careers experienced by female teachers.  There is also an index of schools, with the teachers who taught in them listed.

It is all too easy to overlook the women when compiling a family history, and to assume that is is easier to research men’s careers.  These books help demonstrate that women’s careers can be researched too, and provide helpful bibliographies for anyone with a teacher in their family. 

A further volume, Aberdeen School Board Female Teachers 1872-1901 is also available from the Society.  aa555




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