We can print your family tree on 2ft or 3ft paper roll, up to 50ft long.

Submit your family tree to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , preferably as a GED† file or FamilyTreeMaker file, and we can print it for you in various formats.

Ancestor Charts can contain yourself and your siblings, and all of your ancestors. Normally they would be 2ft high by 3-10ft long, depending on the number of ancestors. Descendants Charts contain all the descendants of a particular individual. These charts can be very large. All-In-One Charts contain everyone on your family tree. [Any of these charts can contain photographs.]

A standard charge would be £30 for a large ancestor chart + £10 per extra copy, + postage and packaging.
If your tree comes in a non-standard format which requires us to manually input the data for printing then we will charge £10/hr labour.
Your family tree can be printed on standard or coated paper.

†A GED file file can be exported from most genealogy programs and is normally much smaller than the original file, thus being suitable for e-mail.